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Farad (general center of information and accountability)

Nowadays, the relation between banks as an extensive economical institute with 

Customers, is a complex and extensive relation that should be of suitable and appropriate arrangement. For this reason, Refah Bank has started to create a general center for giving information and answering customers. Farad means increasing and opening. The purpose of opening Farad center is providing easy and quick communication, centralizing the channels, providing getting access to bank information and services regardless of time and place and also providing the possibility of intensive management and supervision in answering customers and enhancing the level of extended services to customers. This center has been established in a customer and service-centered structure while enjoying experts’ help and using modern communicative means, giving information and answering for making mutual relation with customers, staff and other people of society, in order to support customers in using banking services, in getting access to necessary information and in following up probable problems related to bank affairs.

Acquiring with this center

Farad communication center as a virtual organization and in the form of a contact center has different communication channels such as direct phone, vocal telephone, fax, E-mail and SMS, also it is equipped with CRM (customer relation management) software through which all customer’s contacts are registered and can be observed.

This system enables people who are responsible for investigating all phone calls to control different sections and supervise on the method of their accountability meanwhile managerial reports are reflected continuously to the bank high managers.

The most important extendable services in the center:

-       Offering consulting and information services on time and suitable to people who contact the center regarding banking services (kinds of accounts, checks, credits and facilities, kinds of bank electronic cards, ATMs problems and sale terminals, partnership papers, investment deposit certificate, services in foreign currency and the bank’s new project), announcing bank’s important regulations and circular letters, bank’s unit information(address, telephone and branches working hours, administrative offices), giving information of saving Gharz-Al-hasaneh accounts lottery, and prize winners lists, locations of ATMs, sub companies of the bank and etc.

-       Providing the possibility of communication with bank high managers

-       Offering the latest daily sale and purchase rate in Refah bank

-       Receiving and tracing ideas, criticisms and complaints and offering necessary reply in the quickest possible time

-       Offering necessary instructions about using bank modern services to customers

-       Advising the queries to officials and experts bank units for getting specialized reply

-       Providing the possibility of doing some banking operations such as card and mobile accounts telephone bank, paying bills, ……

-       Replying applicants who participate in bank employment examination in the employment advertisement publication time

Method of communicating with Farad center

-       Telephone number (021) 8525 that has 60 digital lines and experts who are in the center and ready to receive messages and follow your bank affairs as a respected customer in the shortest possible time and announce results everyday from 8-16 and      Thursdays from 8-13 (except holidays)

-       Sending short message to 300044

-       Sending E-mail to Farad@bankrefah.ir

-       Through bank site www.refah-bank.ir and select communication with bank field

-       Writing letters to the center to this address: zip code 1433893835, unit 101, first floor, Negin sayee tower, NO 2244, before sayee park, Valiasr St., Tehran.

-       Sending fax to (021) 8525