Individual customers: By refereeing to the related branches and getting allocated username and password, customers are able to receive internet banking services for their on-line accounts round the clock:

·         Displaying the list and details of customer’s on-line account: In this typical service all of the customer’s accounts’ details as well as the account balance & drawable funds are also displayed.  

·        Transfer of funds between the customer’s on-line accounts: Fund transfer include immediate fund transfer, one time transfer and periodic transfer. In periodic fund transfer, the exact requested date and the number of fund transfer is being determined by the customer.

·         Transfer of funds to on-line accounts of others: In this typical service the possibility of fund transfer (immediate, one time and periodic) from any on-line account of the customer to the on-line accounts of others has been provided.

·        Interbank fund transfer: Interbank fund transfer is carried out through Satna and by having the Shaba account number of the destination for transfers over I.R.Rials 150,000,000. The same can be done through Paya by having shaba account number of the destination.

·        Card to card fund transfer: Transfer of funds from Refah cards to other shetab cards is carried out utilizing CVV2 code, expiry date and the card’s second password.

·        Transfer of funds to coded accounts: Through this typical service the customer is able to transfer funds to coded accounts upon registering the related payment code which is obtained from the related organization.

·        Observing the status of customers’ checks: This service is designed to show the status of the check draft and the customer can observe the status of his required check upon registering the check serial number.

·        Confirmation of check payment: The customer can register the check specification such as serial number; date and check amount in this system so that in case of discrepancy in the check’s specifications when delivering the same to the related branch, the system will automatically be restrained from paying the mentioned check.

·        Paying bills: Paying different kinds of bills is possible through this system.

·        Receiving account statement: The possibility of receiving account statement in a specific time period and based on deposited and drawn amounts has been provided in this service.

·        Paying employers’ premium: The employers of Social Security Organization are able to pay their insurance premium through this system and without the need of physical presence in the bank’s branches.

·        Paying the installments of facilities: Customer can repay installments related to credit facilities by registering 15 digits of the facility number which is indicated on all installment notebooks.

·        Balance taking: The customer is able to observe the balances of his on-line accounts through this system.

·        Assigning pseudonym for accounts: The customer is able to choose a pseudonym for his account number and there after the selected name will appear in all services in place of the real account number.

·        Changing password: The customer is able to change his password through internet banking menus which is designed for financial transactions.

·        Linking Refah card account to any other account: The customer is able to link his Refah card account to any of his other on-line accounts.

·        Activating or deactivating the card: The customer is able to either activate or deactivate his Refah card in any time on his demand.


Customers can enter Refah Bank’s internet banking system at by clicking on electronic banking link in Refah Bank’s portal at after registering their username & password.