·        Giving reports from the account’s lists: This report includes the account information, drawable funds and real-time balance of the account.

·        Giving the latest account balance

·        Giving account statement report: The possibility of getting instant account statement in required time in file with different selected formats has been provided.

·          Check services: Observing the status of the check in different conditions: By inserting the check draft information, the status of the check will be displayed.

·        Confirmation of check payment order: In order to avoid misuse of check, the customer can insert the check’s date and amount in internet banking system. In case of disc


·        repancy, the mentioned check won’t be paid.


1)    Referring to the related branch, completing the related forms and getting the related username

2)   Entering internet banking system at https://www.rb24.ir

3)   Inserting the password

4)   Selecting the required program

5)   Existing the system after finishing the banking activities

CIS: Corporate Information Service

·        Extending services of getting access to the information of financial transactions through intermediates such as web service

·        Sending centralized account statement on daily basis through electronic mail

·        These services are designed for legal entities