OTP : One Time Password

One time password or OTP is a replacement for second password. OTP is designed to secure users’ access to electronic systems of which coding capabilities are used to generate accidental OTP. Users must use devices for generating OTP in order to enjoy the benefits of internet banking being able to transfer funds for high and secure volumes. By using fixed password, users are bale to transfer funds up to I.R.Rials 20,000,000 through internet banking system and for transfer of higher amounts up to I.R.Rials 150,000,000 an OTP devise is needed. In this connection Refah Bank has provided OTP devices for customers of internet banking to create more security. It must be noted that these devices are available in different models in banks. The generated password is only valid for 15 seconds and if it disappeared it will reappear by pressing the OTP device button and another password will be displayed.

How customers can request OTP device in branches?

Customers can refer to any of Refah Bank’s branches for getting OTP device and upon their written request and paying the value of the device; the said device will be delivered to them.

Employers’ premium

A guide to use internet banking system of employers

Employers of Social Security Organization can pay the insurance premium of Social Security Fund through internet banking system.

The procedure:

·        By referring to any of the bank’s branches customers can, fill in the related application form and receive their usernames and passwords for internet banking system.

·        Enter internet banking system of Refah Bank at https://www.rb24.ir or internet banking link available on the first page of Refah Bank’s portal at www.refah-bank.ir.

·        Enter your username & password.

·        Select the menu of employer’s insurance premium from the menu of payment.

·        Insert your account number, payment number and payment amount and then press the confirmation key.

·        After finishing the required procedures, exit the system.