Payment card of individual customers

Customers, who are holding Refah card can enjoy the benefits of receiving cash funds through ATMs, purchase through market’s points of sale, round the clock banking operations on all on-line shetab member accounts.

Different types of card:

·        Credit card

·        Hamrah Refah card

·        Family Refah card

·        Gift card

Automatic Teller machines (ATMs)

Services that can be extended in ATMS round the clock are the following:

·        Getting funds

·        Paying bills

·        Transfer to other cards (Refah cards and other Shetab cards) up to I.R.Rials 30,000,000 on daily basis

·        Getting internet password and CVV2

·        Getting report of account statement

·        Observing the account balance

·        Changing password

·        Fund transfer (getting peoples’ donations) to charity organizations through ATMs such as blood money organization, Imam Khomeini charity organization, Welfare Organization, Mahak charity organization, Kahrizak charity organization

PIN PADs in branches

The customer can enjoy the following advantages as one the cards’s special services upon referring to the branch.

·        Fund transfer to Refah cards and other Shetab cards up to I.R.Rials 150,000,000 daily

·        Changing password

·        Checking the account’s balance

·        Getting funds up to I.R.Rials 500,000,000 daily for Refah cards

·        Getting funds up to I.R.Rials 5,000,000daily by means of shetab cards from the bank’s branches

·        Receiving Sheba number of the card’s account is possible through balance withdrawal in ATMs.

Points of sale (POSes):

·        Purchase operations

·        Paying bills

·        Balance taking

·        Changing password

·        Purchasing cell phone charge