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The New Mobile Bank System

The developing procedure in the use of cell phones and tablets and also the extensive reception of value-added services by the users have brought about the existence of a variety of banking services available on mobile devices in the field of e-banking. Therefore, in order for the bank to keep in alliance with the development of e-banking and to complete it, programming and producing the new mobile bank system of Refah Bank on the basis of Android operational system were put in preliminaries  in a way that it is now ready to be presented and employed by the esteemed customers.


Important Features of the System:

Applicable through WiFi / GPRS / SMS,

The possibility of defining, editing and deleting two separate cell phone numbers through Mobile Bank’s Profile Management menu,

Performing transactions in a thoroughly safe and encoded method,

The possibility of using cell phone's camera as a means of barcode reader to enter bills' information,

The possibility of choosing optional username,

On the basis of Android Operational System (Version 2.3.5 and later)

The possibility of using the second and one time password (OTP) for performing financial transactions,

The possibility of activating the mobile software by the customer through SMS,


List of Mobile Bank Services:

Displaying the list of accounts,

Account Statement,

Immediate Fund Transfer, Periodical Fund Transfer, Card to Card Fund Transfer,

Paying Insurance Premium the employers capable of entering information through barcode reader,

Extending Check services including observing the check's status and its payment order,

Paying Facilities installments,

Tracking financial transactions,

Managing the user’s profile including the definition of your username and addition of authorized cell phone numbers,

Changing the user’s first and second passwords,

Changing the user’s account which is connected to the customer’s Refah Card.



Get the "How to use New Mobile Bank System                         Get the "New Mobile Bank Software"

                (Android Version)                                                                (Android Version)


Introducing Hamrah Bank Software

Important Notice: This is the previous Hamrah Bank Software which is still useable through the customer’s account number and the related telephone bank password.

In order to continue providing customers with the new and modern banking services, improving and developing the ways in which e-banking services extended to customers, Refah Bank has provided various services of Hamrah Bank, Telephone Bank and Internet Bank in order to provide the possibility of getting access to banking accounts by customers.


Hamrah Bank Services

Getting the last balance of the account,

Getting the last three transactions of the account,

Acquiring the status of a sheet of check,

Sending the last 25 transaction of the account to a fax number,

Sending the last 25 transactions of the account to an email address,

Paying the Bills,

Paying the Insurance Premium of the Social Security Organizations' employers,

Activation and Deactivation of sending daily messages to inform customers of the balance and turnovers changes automatically,

 Activation and Deactivation of sending messages concerning the information about dishonored checks,

Sending the customer’s account's Sheba number,

Changing the password.


Receiving and establishing “Hamrah bank” software on cell phone

To establish hamrah bank software, select the version related to your cell phone through the following links.

1.      Note 1: If your cell phone has Windows operating system, prior to getting hamrah bank software, get a back- up from all the information of your cell phone since your cell phone’s operating system is higher than Windows Mobile 6.1 you have to get Intent MIDlet Manager file and if not you have to transfer Intent MIDlet Manager file from your pc to your cell phone through Active Synch software. (to transfer this file do not use other methods such as Bluetooth and do not change the file name before and after transferring. )Set up the file by clicking on it after it’s being transferred. If you are asked how to set up the software on Device or Internet storage, select device item in reply.

Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (Android version)

Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (Java version)

Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (Mobile windows version)




Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (latest simbian version)

Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (old simbian version)

Getting Refah Bank’s on-line software (The blind version)


2. Note 2: Using account number and telephone bank password in Hamrah system is required while entering and using each of the above mentioned applications. To facilitate the process of getting hamrah bank software, Refah Bank has established Bluetooth stands in branches. Accordingly you can enjoy the benefits of hamrah bank software upon turning the Bluetooth of your cell phone on in these branches. In both cases you are able to establish the said software on your cell phone after selecting the displayed application or message.