Refah card
Refah bank payment cards are magnetic cards, having the possibility of opening two types of short-term and Qarz-al-Hassaneh saving accounts. By opening these accounts, the clients can enjoy the services of Refah cards round the clock in all banking system ATMs and stores, connected to Shetab system, as well as the possibility of attending award ceremony for Qarz-al-Hassaneh Accounts and receiving interest on short-term deposit accounts. The maximum amount for drawing from ATMs is IRR 2,000,000 at once or in intervals based on the specified amounts shown on the machine (IRR 400,000, IRR 300,000). There is no limit for the amount to be drawn from point of sales (POS) or Refah bank's branches. In near future, Refah Bank will present the possibility of using electronic chips, through which it is possible to present services of electronic purse. This system enables the customers to receive the services of cash drawing, information on the balance of the accounts and its 10 last turnovers and …, when there would be no connection with the central system. Now, all the services presented by Refah Cards, including cash withdrawals, real time cash transfers within the Refah Card accounts and real time credit system and … are free.