فارسی | Thursday14 December 2017

Issuing payment orders in foreign currency
The customers are able to receive and transfer funds through Refah Bank swift system in the shortest time and y paying the minimum costs all around the world.

Rules and Principles:
The issuance of payment orders on the customer's account is allowed for any amount to any commercial banks in and outside the country; provided that the account would not be cash credited by the customer. In case the customer's account is cash credited by the customer himself, payment orders can be issued up to USD 5000 or its equivalent in other currencies and for the amounts more than the said limit, it is allowed by observing the necessary principles of money laundering.
The customers can receive the transferred amounts in three ways:
·        Crediting the nominated account(s) of the customers
·        Receiving cash of the issued payment orders
·        Receiving the equivalent amount of payment orders in Rials