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Long term investment deposit account
The minimum amount and the related rate of interest of these deposits are as the following table: 

Type of long term deposit

Minimum deposit amount(Rials)

Interest rate (%)

Normal Short



6 Mounth



9 Mounth



1 Year



Terms and conditions of extending the Long term investment deposit account
You can refer to the bank on your deposit maturity date and extend its validity or you can authorize the bank in writing to do the same when filling in the forms. Bank is obliged to insert and confirm the deposit new maturity date at the back of the deposit sheet. Extension of long term deposits is like opening a new account. The only difference is that there is no stamp affixing in the extension process. For instance, when you opened a one-year account, it is extended for another one year and if you have opened a two-year account, it will be extended each two years and for two more years.
When any kind of this account is extended, it will be deemed as a new deposit.