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فارسی | Tuesday17 July 2018
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Date 2014/05/20         Hour 12:00:57     News Group Public relations

Refah Bank has been praised as the selected bank in the 4th festival of honoring entrepreneurs and active managers with the presence of Dr. Hosseini, Deputy Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare.

According to Refah Bank’s Public Relations Department’s report, this festival which was held on 06/02/2014 in Shahid Beheshti University Conference Hall, some of the country’s selected entrepreneurs were honored, in the same festival Mr. Mohammadi Raeesi, Refah Bank’s Advisor and Manager of Public Relations and Management has been granted the festival’s statue.

Meanwhile, Mr.Lalehgani, Refah Bank’s Chairman of the Board considered entrepreneurship as a key factor in leading macro developing objectives and reiterated that: today consumers are seeking the fact that when using a particular product, this will influence the life of those who produced theses products as well influencing the welfare of the society and the nature around.

While reiterated the difference between modern and traditional marketing, he pointed out that today consumers are much more informed and talented and are of higher expectations in comparison to the past and therefore do not welcome traditional marketing.

While mentioning that the solution is entrepreneur type marketing, Mr. Lalehgani continued that in this approach three concept of innovation, risk taking and being active will be observed which are in fact the most important features of modern marketing in comparison to its traditional type.

The Chairman of the Board of Managers of Refah Bank, described the way through which job-creating decisions can be made to define the strategy of marketing, as the main point of difference between job-creating decisions and classic decision-makings and stated that: "Macro-companies utilize the reasoning of prudence in marketing, while micro-companies and job creators benefit from the reasoning of practicability in marketing and selling their products.

He then forwarded some suggestions in strengthening the entrepreneurship of the banking system which include the following:

Banks must establish their operational system based on market factors such as the number of new accounts, the number of customers, market segmentation and the level of customers’ satisfaction.

Banks must replace non-centralized and non-task structures with traditional structures.

The Initiation of a favorable economical circumstance and a suitable working situation for the activities of job creators through benefiting from the provision of the Central Bank and protecting its independence and that of the country's banking system, the restraint of unnecessary hindering in running and controlling the banks and the adoption of the policy of interaction instead of intervention, the initiation of stability in macro-management of the banking system, the exploitation of non-imperative and marketable policies by the government in relation to banking system and facilitating and omission of the regulations of the banking system and finally the job-creating charter according to which novel ideas, innovation, risk-taking, discovering chances and provision of financial resources in the banks will be implemented by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to be published and sent to all banks.