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فارسی | Tuesday17 July 2018
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Date 2014/05/20         Hour 12:53:43     News Group Public relations

Subsequent to reiterations of the esteemed Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare regarding establishing more co operations among the subsidiaries of the Ministry and contributing in the country’s production and entrepreneurship sectors, Refah Bank and Tosee Taavon Bank concluded a cooperation contract. According to Refah Bank’s Public Relations Department’s report, this contract is signed by Mr. Nazari , Refah Bank’s Managing Director and Mr. Sahmani , Chairman of the Board & Managing Director of Tosee Taavon Bank while reiterating the following items:

§ Contributing in financing projects and great plan of gas and oil industry as well as other Taavon sector plan

§ Introducing and supporting the two banks’ trustworthy customers

§ Collecting customers’ checks in the bank’s branches

§ Collaborations between subsidiary companies while benefiting from the companies’ services reciprocally and utilizing correspondent accounts for performing payment orders

It must be noted that in the related meeting, Mr. Nazari noted that signing this agreement will cause further co operations in the country’s great projects and hoped to sign more important contracts in line with extending desirable services to the society and country. Meanwhile, Dr. Sahmani considered this agreement as a tool to extend optimum services to customers while benefiting from the two banks’ joint potentials.