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فارسی | Tuesday17 July 2018
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Date 2014/05/20         Hour 12:57:09     News Group Public relations

For the purpose of expanding in between cooperation, contributing to the country’s production and entrepreneurship sector, Refah Bank and Sina Bank concluded a contract. According to Refah Bank’s Public Relations Department’s report, this contract is signed by Mr. Nazari, Refah Bank’s Managing Director and Mr. Parvizian, Sina Bank’s Managing Director while reiterating the following items:

§ Contributing in financing projects and great plan of gas and oil industry as syndicate form

§ Joint Investment in joint short-term and mid-term projects in foreign and local currency

§ Investigating the presented projects in order to determine the amount and method of participation in investment

It must be noted that based on the articles of this agreement, extending any kind of syndicate facilities and liabilities is performed within the frameworks of existing rules and regulations while considering the specified ceilings for each bank as well as other necessary economic business plans.