Services and Products


In order to meet customers’ satisfaction and to expand the range of offered services in line with extending regular and electronic banking services, Refah Kargaran Bank is also active in rendering Foreign Exchange services and International Banking as well.  Enjoying novel technology and conforming to state of the art standards, Refah K.Bank extends different types of services in foreign currencies in the form of forex accounts, documentary credits, payment orders, guarantees, etc.

Extendable services of Refah K. Bank

Buying foreign exchange at official exchange rate

Buying foreign exchange up to the ceiling of EUR 5,000 or its equivalent in other currencies is possible in Refah Bank’s forex branches. Figures exceeding the said amount should be considered in compliant with AML laws.

Payment orders (outgoing & incoming)

Upon customers’ request, issuing foreign exchange payment orders for import of goods is permissible.

Opening different kinds of foreign exchange accounts

Refah Kargaran Bank opens accounts in foreign currencies within the framework of Islamic Banking rules and regulations.

Issuing account statement and turnover

The esteemed customers of Refah K.Bank can receive their account and turnover statements in English from the Bank’s branches in order to present to different legal authorities such as embassies, universities and other official authorities.

Issuing different kinds of documentary credits

On the customers’ demand and in order to facilitate the process of importing permissible goods and services, Refah K. Bank issues different kinds of import documentary credits according to the governing rules of the country and international standards.

Registering bills of exchange

Refah K. Bank accepts the customers’ bills of exchange on collection basis method.

 Issuing local documentary credits in I.R.Rials

In order to extend distinguished services and to ensure the related parts of a transaction to be secured, issuing local documentary credits in I.R.Rials and accepting documentary credits in I.R.Rials issued by other Iranian banks is possible in all the forex branches of Refah K.Bank.

Issuing different kinds of foreign exchange guarantees

For the purpose of developing and encouraging the export of goods and engineering and technical services abroad and for implementing domestic projects and plans, Refah K. Bank can issue different kinds of foreign exchange letters of guarantee such as tender, performance bond, advanced payment and retention money guarantees within the existing rules and circulars

 Allocating foreign exchange facilities

In order to finance the projects presented by the esteemed customers, Refah K.Bank allocates different kinds of credit facilities in foreign currency within the ratified rules & regulations under contracts such as Refinance, Finance, from the Bank’s resources and the National Development Fund, etc.